"It's time for you to get some sleep little man," said Patrick, tucking in his puppy after a long day. "This is your first night here!  I painted this bed especially for you."

"It's the nicest bed I ever had," said Scruffy.

Patrick remembered the Robins tucking in the baby birds.  At last he was a dad and could take care of his own baby.

"I can't sleep," said Scruffy.  "Tell me a story?"

Patrick tried to think of a way to get the nervous puppy to sleep.

"Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep,
and doesn't know where to find them.
The sheepdogs will bark and herd each one up 
'til the sheep all come running behind them."

"I'm scared," said Scruffy.  "I'm scared about tomorrow."

Patrick could tell his new son was very tired.  He was so tired he couldn't fall asleep!

"We will all be with you," said Patrick. "We can even go in the Wigglebus!"

"Tell me another story?" asked Scruffy, starting to yawn. 


"When at night you cannot sleep, 
close your eyes and count the sheep. 
Herd them on the mountain top, 
Count each one 'til you doze off.

Herd them down into their pen,
count them once and once again.
If by then you're still awake,
assume that there is some mistake.
Chase them round into their pen
and start to count them once again.

When Scruffy fell asleep, Patrick quietly slipped out of the room. "Poor little thing," he thought.

"It's so sweet that Patrick is tucking in the puppy," said Molly.

"He adores being a daddy," smiled Cricket.  "We are both so worried about what we will find out tomorrow."

As the girls were discussing the day's events, they heard a noise, and the pitter patter of little paws.

"Mommy Cricket, I can't sleep." whined Scruffy McDuff.

"I thought Daddy Patrick put you to bed," said Cricket.

"I'm scared," said the puppy. "I can't  sleep."

"What are you afraid of?" asked Mommy Cricket.

"I'm afraid of tomorrow." said Scruffy.  "What if the doctors cannot help me?"

"They are the smartest doctors in the world," said Cricket.  "If anyone can find a way to help you, they will."

"How do you know?" asked Scruffy, still worried.

"I follow the rescue dust," smiled Cricket. "How on earth did a tiny little  sick puppy like you, make it all the way from Missouri to Boston?  Something special is in the air.  I just feel it.  But if you are going to get better at all, you'll need to get some sleep."

"Can I sleep with you and Daddy?" asked Scruffy.