Wiggle's Club Book 3  
 Book Three Safety Lesson: Dealing With Bullies
Horrible Hank tries to bully Cricket and Molly because he is hurting inside and he is jealous that they have a family and he does not.

Hank thinks if he sounds really mean and scary, he can get them to do what he wants, which he thinks will make him feel better.

Here are some things the Wiggle Crew did when they were dealing with a "bully".   We hope it gives you some good ideas of things you can do if you ever have to deal with bullies.


1. Be  Safe!

There are many different levels of bullying, but if someone is physically hurting you or someone else, TELL AN ADULT.  If you have ANY concerns about bullies talk with an adult. 

2. Stick Together

Cricket defended her sister when Hank tried to push her around.  If someone is trying to bully you or a friend, stick together, there's safety in numbers.  Keep your friends close by.  Don't listen to nasty gossip that bullies spread about you or your friends.


3. Stand Proud and Tall

Some bullies like to pick on anyone who is different looking, is a new kid at school, or someone who is shy.  Hold your head up and be proud of who you are.  Don't let the bully see if his or her behavior is bothering you.

4. Ignore the Bully Whenever You Can

Bullies lose their power when they realize they can't intimidate you.  If ignoring the bully doesn't work, stand up for what you believe.  Bullies don't like it when they can't push you around. But try not to show your anger.  Bullies like to manipulate your emotions.  If it doesn't work, they'll probably leave you alone.

5. Speak Up

When ignoring the bully doesn't work you have the right to speak up, just like Cricket did. If you and your friends agree to stand up to someone who is behaving badly, they will have to stop.  If you need help, tell an adult.  Patrick told Henry that Hank bit him.  Henry sent Hank out to have a "talk" with Wiggle. 

6. Furgive and Furget

If the bully stops behaving badly, try to let him or her be a part of the "good kids" crowd.  People can change with help.  Look at how Horrible Hank turned around, (with a little help from Wiggle!).

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