A Bone To Pick  

"GO AWAY!" scowled Horrible Horrible Hank.

"Hey, you can't treat Cricket and Molly like that!" said Patrick, coming to their defense.

"What is your PAWBLEM?" asked Cricket.  "We have not done anything to you!"
"You are on my nerves," said Horrible Horrible Hank, trying to get the others to fight with him.

"This is our home!" said Molly Malone.  "Don't you know how to get along with others?"

"I don't have a home, and I DON'T get along with ANYONE!" growled Hank.

"Leave them alone!" Patrick said in a firm voice, shaking his paw at Horrible Horrible Hank. 
"I have a bone to pick with you!" yelled Horrible Horrible Hank.  With that, he tried to take a bite right out of Patrick.