You Better Not Pout  

Cricket watched Rik and Hank's van for as long as she could, until the roads forked, and they went in separate directions.

"Good luck," thought Cricket, who didn't feel as happy as she thought she should. 

She wasn't looking forward to how quiet it would be when they returned home without Hank.

It was unusually quiet inside the WiggleBus as everyone quietly dreaded going back home without Hank.

Molly Malone curled up in a little ball and snuggled her bone pillow.

Henry and Patrick were feeling glum too. 

They felt so glum that they didn't notice that Wiggle was not driving in the direction of home.

Wiggle had a different plan.  She pulled in to a place that none of them recognized.

"Where are we?" asked Molly Malone.

"Look at the goats!" said HT, looking out the window.  "Are we going to rescue goats?"
"Christmas Trees!" yelled Cricket.  "Look at all the different trees!"
"I know!" said Scruffy.  "Those are SANTA's goats!"

"Are we going to see Santa?" asked HT.

"I'm not sure," said Wiggle.   "Would you like to go see?" she asked.