"Give me that chair!" Horrible Horrible Hank demanded.

"Get your OWN chair!" said Cricket.  "This one is MINE".

"GRRRRRRRRR..." bullied Horrible Horrible Hank. "Give me that chair!"

Horrible Horrible Hank scared Cricket until she jumped to another chair to avoid a fight.

"It's my chair now!" said Horrible Horrible Hank. 
"Hey! I think I'll take THAT chair next!  Move out of my way!" he snarled. 

Then he jumped right onto the chair Cricket had moved to. 
"Get off!" he bullied her, "this is where I want to sit now."


Molly did not like to see her sister bullied around so she bravely went up to Mr. Horrible Horrible Hank.  "Leave my sister alone!" she said protectively.

"Who cares about your dumb old sister?" said Horrible Horrible Hank. 

"She's not dumb, she's my FAMILY!" said Molly.

"Families are dumb too," said Horrible Horrible Hank.

(Little did the girls know that Hank was secretly wishing for a family of his own.  Poor Hank had no one in the world that loved him.  He thought if he acted tough that no one would know how much he really hurt inside).

"You are just dumb girls.  I can do EVERYTHING better than you can!" he boasted. 


"You can NOT!" declared Molly.

"Can too," said Hank.

"Can NOT!" said Cricket.