The Best Place To See Santa  



"I wish we could have seen Santa," said Patrick.

"Me too," sighed Molly Malone.

"Me too," echoed Cricket.

"The best way of all to see Santa," said Wiggle, 
"is in your heart."

"Any time you care for someone else, or help some one, or keep the spirit of giving alive, you will see Santa with your heart." she told them.


Henry thought of times he cared about someone else, like poor little Hank when he was thrown out of his home.

"I can see him!" said Henry.  "I know exactly how he looks!"

Patrick remembered times he helped the others with his job.

"Me too!" cried Patrick.  "I can see him too!"

"Me TOO!" laughed Cricket as she imagined thoughts of sharing and caring.
Molly thought of all the animals in rescue that they tried to help.

"Just think with the Spirit of Giving," she pawndered. 

"And then you CAN see Santa with your heart!"

Scruffy thought of times she shared a delicious bone with HT.

"I see Santa!" exclaimed Scruffy.  "Santa is very furry, and has a pink tongue!"

"That's right!" agreed the others.

HT thought of the times she let Molly Malone sit in her favorite chair...

"And a BEARD," said HT.  "Santa definitely has a beard!"

The others agreed with this as well. 

Satisfied that they all agreed exactly how Santa looked, Wiggle headed home with their special tree, and the spirit of Santa in all their hearts.

"I guess we have each seen Santa after all," smiled Wiggle, who had her own ideas...