Mrs. Robin flew to a tree branch where she tweeted out an emergency call:

"Someone smaller than a key is needed for help!  Hurry! There's no time to lose!"

A loud buzzing sound responded instantly. 

"Of course! A bumblebee!" smiled the robin.

Mrs. Robin flew down to the bee.  "Thank you for answering my call."

"Mr. Bumble, at your service," buzzed the reply. 

"I am on a mission," said Mrs. Robin, "I have flown around the country in search of the best puppy in the world. The problem is, I can't get in that building to see if he's in there.  I overheard someone say best puppy in the world, but the door is locked tight."

"Please, Mr. Bumble, could you find out who they are talking about? Can you find out his story?" pleaded the robin. 

Mr. Bumble sensed the urgency in the robin's voice and wasted no time slipping through the keyhole of the scary building.

He saw hundreds of miserable dogs living in filth and squalor.

"It's a good thing that Mrs. Robin didn't get in," thought the bee, "she never could have handled seeing all this misery and suffering."


The bumblebee buzzed around as fast as he could to find the puppy that Mrs. Robin inquired about. 

A nasty man threw food to some dogs, some got nothing at all. 

"It's time for your weekly food.  Here you go fat momma, make me some money!" the mean man said.

"That poor dog is fed once a week?" gasped the bee.

"If she doesn't give enough puppies to the farmer each year, she will die." someone whispered.

"Who said that?" asked the bee. 


"Up here in the web," said Mrs. Spider.

Bumble flew over two weak puppies in a filthy cage with a sign that said: DO NOT FEED.

"That's today's cull," said Mrs. Spider.  "Those  puppies have been left to die."

"Why have they been left to die?" gasped the bee.

"They'll never live long enough to be sold in a pet store," said the spider.  "And Farmer Misery won't spend a dime for their medicine."

"Why?" asked the bee.

"The less money spent on them, the more he keeps. When the puppies die of exhaustion, disease, and starvation, they are written off the taxes as lost inventory and profit.

"Who would buy puppies from someone like that?" asked Bumble in disbelief.

"They send them to pet stores and sell them on the internet where no one can see where they really come from.  They have a million ways to trick you," said the spider, "because everyone loves a cute puppy. They have no idea that they're rewarding this cruelty with their money while he brings more sick dogs into the world."

"What happened to these two?" asked the bee.

"I don't know much about the little cocker spaniel. She has hydrocephalus which means fluid on her brain. It's caused by poor breeding and bad living conditions.  It will make her have seizures, lose her balance, and go blind. It's easier and cheaper for them to let her die."

"The poor thing," said the bee, "and the shaggy dog?  Do you know his story?"

"That is the saddest story of all," said the spider.