"Hello grand-dogs!  To what do I owe this nice surprise?" said Grannie Annie hopping into the Wigglebus.

"The HEAD BEAGLE!" cried Cricket and Molly together. 

"Cricket and Patrick need your help," said Wiggle.  "When we have impawtant things to discuss, we take a ride to sort things out.  We were hoping you could join us!"

Grannie Annie fastened her seat belt, "I would be delighted!" she said.

Cricket wasted no time telling Grannie Annie why they needed her help.


"Patrick and I are ready to adopt a puppy," said Cricket.  "We could use  your help finding the best puppy in the world."

"All the puppies at the pawphanage are the best puppies in the world," said Grannie Annie.  "The question you should ask is who is the best puppy FOR YOUR family, and what is the best family for the puppy?  Every family is different, and every puppy is different.  What we do in rescue is try to match them up right the first time."

"Will you help us?" pleaded Cricket.

"I will be happy to help you," said Grannie Annie, "But you must pawmise me one thing."

"Pawmise me," said Grannie Annie, "that you will NEVER buy a puppy from a pet store, or an internet ad, no matter what.  That causes terrible suffering behind the scenes, and gives a cash reward to the evil puppy millers.  Do I have your word?"

"I pawmise," they told her, one by one.

"Very well," said Grannie Annie. "Let's watch for the rescue dust."

Cricket looked out the window for rescue dust, but all she could see was dust from road work.

"Remember the rescue dust in the air the day you and your sister came to the pawphanage?" Grannie Annie reminded her. 

"Be patient.  There is a puppy out there this very minute who needs you.  When we find him, we'll know."

Wiggle knew Cricket wanted a puppy right away. She hoped the Head Beagle would help her to realize that waiting for the right puppy was the first loving thing an adoptive parent can do.

"Let's sing a song while we drive!" she said.

How much is that doggie in the window?
The one with a stump for a tail?
If you see a doggie in a window,
you know it's a puppy mill sale. 

They'll tell you he came from a breeder.
They'll tell you his papers come too.
They'll keep breeding dogs behind the window,
If they get the money from you.

Some dogs will get sick and have problems,
Many are sent off to die,
the rest are locked up in a prison
while ads on the internet lie. 

Real breeders don't sell dogs in a window.
Or sell on the internet too.
To find one you'll need a refural
It's the respawnsible thing we can do.

Wiggle drove Grannie Annie back to the busy pawphanage. 

Before she left, Grannie Annie gave each grand-dog a treat and a pat on the head. 

"Remember your pawmise," she reminded them before she hurried back to work. 

She winked at Wigglebus and waved good-bye fur now.