Barking Through The Snow  

Colonel Kramer led the chorus of noise in the effort to locate Santa.  Everyone barked for several hours as the pawrade searched the town.  

The Colonel didn't take a single rest, despite the fog, the cold, and eventually, the snow.

The big uprights held up the little uprights to say hello to the crew of the Wigglebus all along the pawrade route.
This made Molly Malone more determined than ever to find Santa on time for Christmas eve.  

What would all the little uprights do if he didn't arrive tonight?

"They are so cute,' she thought.  "And so little!"

Wiggle, of course, was thinking the same thing.  Even though she didn't drive children around anymore, she still loved them very much.

Seeing their hopeful Christmas faces, reminded everyone of the importance of keeping pawmises to kids.

Emergency vehicles, with their lights and sirens flashing, scoured the area, ready for rescue.
A lighted gingerbread house carefully disguised a mobile radar system to transmit information to secret helpers on the ground.

The Paw Force tirelessly combed every inch of the city.