All Aboard!  

"Ooooh, look Henry!" cried Molly Malone.
 "A Christmas Train!"

One by one, they popped their heads out the window to see. 

Henry looked longingly at the little train.  "I have always wanted a train ride," he thought.

"That's right!" said Cricket.  "Henry wished for a train ride!"

"Last one out's a rotten bone," said Patrick. "Let's DO IT!"

Henry finally realized they were at the train for him!  He made a mad dash to get in line as it stopped to let  passengers off.

"Hurry up you guys!  Let's have a turn!" he called.

As Henry danced around in happy circles, he forgot all about missing Hank. 


The conductor told everyone to fasten their seat belts.

"Have you ever been on a Train Ride before?" he asked.

"No sir," replied Henry," this is my first time!"

"Well, this is a special train," said the conductor.  "This train goes to Santa's Village, and let's you pick out a Christmas Tree!"

Henry thought he would burst with happiness.