The next day found Henry waiting anxiously for the mechanic refurred by Colonel Kramer.

"A mechanic who makes house calls," thought Henry. "Just what the doctor ordered." 

Henry realized that Wiggle would need some serious repairs, but he couldn't bear the thought of her being towed away one more time. 

When the Mobile Mechanic arrived, he wasted no time setting up shop, right in the driveway next to Wiggle. 

"I didn't think you'd come when I saw the rain," said Henry.  "I'm sure glad you did!  My name is Henry, and this is my old friend, Wigglebus.  She has an "R" sticker, and she feels really bad about it."

"Nice to meet you Henry and Wigglebus," said Michael. "Colonel Kramer told me you needed help."

"I didn't want to make poor Wiggle sit anyplace alone with that big R," said Henry.

"Don't you worry about a thing," said Michael.  "R stands for Rest and Relaxation.  That is all Wiggle will have to do.  I'll take care of the rest!"

Henry started to relax too.  He could tell by Michael's kindness that the Colonel had sent the pawfect mechanic. 


"Can you tell me what she is having trouble with?" asked Michael. 

"She has too much rust for a sticker," said Henry.  "Her muffler is noisy, she doesn't start up very easily, and she has trouble steering.  Otherwise, I think she's fine."

"That's a pretty big list," said Michael. "Do you mind if I take a look?"

Michael slipped under the Wigglebus on big pieces of cardboard to check the muffler.
"Poor Wiggle," said Michael.  "It's no wonder she's exhausted.  Her muffler is rusted through.  I will need to make one for her that is custom fit.  She's going to be so happy!"
Henry showed Michael the other trouble spots Wiggle was having.  "Do you think you can help her?" he asked.

Henry lowered his voice so that he would not worry Wiggle.  "It's like a disease that's spreading."

 "It's going to take some time," said Michael, "but Wiggle is going to be just fine. Today we are going to finish that muffler.  I will come on all my free days until she's fixed.  She won't need to be towed any more."