Furever Home  

When Henry and Don arrived in Massachusetts it was 5 o'clock in the morning.  Henry looked out  the window of the truck and was astonished to see a miniature upright. 

"Look Henry, it's your new Boy!" said Don proudly. 

Henry remembered what Dallas told him about Upright Puppies. 

"I have a pet boy of my very own now", thought Henry. 

He looked straight into the faces of the people waiting for him. They were so happy to see him.  They were taking pictures and hugging him. 

Don whispered to Henry, "These are YOUR Uprights, and they will bring you to your Furever Home.  Of every family in the whole wide world, Ingrid picked them out especially for you!"

Henry wondered how Ingrid even knew there was a place named Massachusetts and how she found this family for him.

When Henry got to his new home, there was another surprise waiting for him.  His soon to be, new best friend Guinness was there to welcome him.  She tumbled with him and played with him until the two of them were pooped!

"I'm going to really love it here," thought Henry as he thanked Ingrid in his heart.

Everyone loved Henry in his new home, and he knew he would never  have to be hungry or lonely again.

As Henry told Wiggle about his rescue story, he was filled with gratitude that Guinness had been his best friend until the day she died.  

"I was lucky that she believed in rescue and brought me into her home," Henry said.

"She taught me to make room in my heart for others in need.  The day I was rescued wasn't just the end of a sad story.  It was also the beginning of my new life caring for others.  Now I have the chance to give something back!"