When Henry called Furlock he got Furlock's BEAKmail.  "SQUAWK! You have reached F.B.I.  Furlock Bones Investigator.  He can't come to the phone right now, SQUAWK. Can I take a message?"

"Uh, hey Agent Beak!  It's me, Henry.  Could you have Furlock give me a call, I have a couple of questions for him."

"SQUAWK!  It'll cost ya.  How 'bout some Crackers?"

"Sure," said Henry. "Next time I see you I'll bring some by.  Don't forget my message!"

"SQUAWK!" shrieked Agent Beak. "Nice talking to you Henry."

Furlock returned Henry's call the minute he got back from sniffing out crime.  "What have you been up to?" Henry asked him. 

"I'm tracking down bad guys who are trying to trick kids on the internet.  Enough about me Henry. How are you doing?   I'm so sorry to hear about Guinness," Furlock said sincerely.

"Thanks," said Henry. "That's kind of what I'm calling about.  Maybe we could help each other."

"I'm all ears," said Furlock.

"Well," continued Henry, "I found her snout print on a window in the WiggleBus, we were hoping you would know a way for us to preserve it."

"We preserve prints to fight crime all the time," said Furlock proudly.  "I'm certain I can help you. In law enforcement we usually use graphite to lift the prints. But you just want to make it show up on the window, right?"

"Yes," said Henry, "and keep it so that no one smudges it." 

"Hmmmm," thought Furlock. "If we use graphite that would be too dark to see on a window.  Why don't you gently blow baby powder onto it, then you can seal it with some clear plastic adhesive."

"You are the BEST Furlock!" exclaimed Henry, relieved that there WAS a way to save this special nose print. 

"Now what can we do to help you?" Henry asked.

"What's really bothering me," said Furlock, "is how tricky these bad guys are getting on the internet.  We HAVE to find a way to pawtect the Upright Puppies. 

"Wiggle wanted to talk to you about that very same thing!" said Henry, amazed they were both working on the same pawblem. "This must be serious," thought Henry, "if all my friends are worried about it."

Henry put Wiggle on the phone with Furlock Bones.  She wrote down all his suggestions and Henry could hear her laughing. 

"The kids are going to LOVE this!" she said.   "Wait 'til they read these in our  WiggleBus Safe Kid's  pages".

Furlock Bones was pretty pleased that the WiggleBus Crew would help to pawtect the kids. "Cool," he thought. "a crime fighting bus. I could use one of those myself!"

Because Wiggle loved children, and because she wanted them to grow up safe and help the animals, she was more than glad to help.  Besides, talking to the "FBI" made her feel REALLY important! 

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WiggleBus Safe Kids Page 

A VERY good thing for kids and parents to do TOGETHER!