O Christmas Tree!  

Just as the conductor promised, the little train came to a stop so they could get out and choose a tree.

"Christmas Trees!  Are we really getting a Christmas Tree?" asked Cricket.

"Toot Toot!" the train answered back.

"Bring me the ticket from the tree you choose," said the conductor, "and we will bring it to your car."

"Bring it to our BUS!" laughed Molly Malone.

Patrick raced ahead.  "Look at this one!  And this one!" he said.

"They're beautiful!" said the others, trying to catch up to him.

"They are all so huge!" said Cricket.  "How will we fit a tree in the bus?"

The dogs sniffed every single tree, looking for one they could all agree on.

"Better hurry," said Henry.  "The sun is starting to go down, it will be dark soon."


There are no special rules about picking out trees, but everyone knows the minute they see their special one.

First Patrick stopped and stared.  Then Henry.  Then Cricket and Molly.

Finally the terriers caught up with the others.  They stared too.

This was it.

This was their favorite tree.


"I think I see it smiling at us," said Cricket.

"Christmas Trees don't smile." said the terriers.

"Terriers have no imagination," giggled Molly Malone, coming to the defense of her sister.

Henry took the ticket to bring back to the conductor.  He couldn't wait to get back on the little train waiting in the parking lot just for them.