On The Road Again  

Not only was the Wiggle Bus all ready, but Mr. Bill Furless had fixed her broken nose and she looked more beautiful than ever.

 Wiggle had a smile from headlight to headlight. Mr. Furless explained to Henry all of the mechanical things a dog needs to know about driving a diesel bus. 

While the guys were talking about man stuff, Guinness brought the cake over to Mrs. Furless. 

Patrick O'Malley stayed in the car because beautiful lady uprights were making such a fuss over him that for the time being, he had forgotten all about the WiggleBus and even about the cake!

Mr. Bill Furless explained to Henry all of the important things he fixed on Wiggles, and how her brake lines and her fuel lines and her electrical system all needed to be fixed. 

Henry pretended he understood all of the things Mr. Furless was saying, but deep down inside, all he could think was "This Upright is a GENIUS!  I don't think I could do any of that stuff even if I DID have thumbs!"

Wiggle looked very proud and happy. 

At last she would be on the
road again.  And if that wasn't wonderful enough, she also had hernose back! 

Most importantly, Henry and Guinness and Patrick O'Malley
had kept their promise to her.  She was RESCUED!

Wiggle wondered why some folks can be so nice and so honest, and some could be so mean. 


She had seen both kinds of people in her life, especially since she was "junked". 

"From now on," she said to herself, "I am only going to be around the NICE people!" 

She thought  of all the little children she used to drive, and she hoped that wherever they were, they had stayed nice.


Henry paid Mr. Bill Furless and thanked him for all his hard work on the Wiggle Bus. 

They shook paws and that made it officially time to go home. 

Wiggle's Glow Plug lit with happiness...

It felt so good to be a bus again!