Home Sweet Home  

At last the phone call came in. 

It was Mrs. Furless and she  had some WONDERFUL news. Wiggle was ready to go home!  Everyone jumped for joy!  Woo HOO! They all shouted, while their bums and tails wagged a mile a minute.

"I'll bake a cake" said Guinness.
"I'll get the paperwork" said Henry.

Patrick O'Malley stared at Guinness in disbelief. 
"You are going to make a CAKE and give it to SOMEONE ELSE?" he asked, incredulously.

"You're right", said Guinness.  "I'll make two cakes.  One for the Furless Family, and one for Wiggle.  I'm sure Wiggle will gladly share."

Patrick could not contain his excitement. "Wiggles is coming home AND we are having CAKE!  I CALL THE BEATERS," he exclaimed, meaning that he was going to get to lick the frosting off the mixer when the cake was finished.

"I hope Wiggle likes cake", said Guinness.

"If she doesn't, that means more for ME!" Patrick O'Malley declared.

The sheepies wrapped the cake, got their paper work together and scrambled into the Buick to ride over to see Mr. Furless.

They looked at each other and knew they were all thinking the same thing.   "One last fight for old time's sake". 

So they snarled at each other and raced to get the best seat in the car... Just like musical chairs, only two could have window seats.  Odd dog in the middle.

"What are we doing?" cried Henry.  "We are wasting time!   Let's go get our WiggleBus!"... and off they went.