You Light Up My Life  

Henry and Guinness visited with WiggleBus every chance they got to cheer her up and to promise her they would be back to get her.  It seemed to take furever to get their little bus home. 

"I just want to RIDE IN IT SO BADLY," said Henry.

On the morning of April 3, the Title to the WiggleBus came in the mail.  After the proper havoc that must be raised by respectable canine citizens when the post man arrives, Henry and Guinness sat together and breathed big impatient dog breaths. 

They now had ALL the adoption paperwork, but Wiggle was still at the mechanics.


Just then, ANOTHER loud knock at the door.  They dutifully jumped up and raised havoc all over again. 
This time it was the Fed Ex truck. 

"Do you know who Ex is?" Guinness asked Henry.

"I don't know, but he must be a pretty big fella for all these trucks driving around saying they've fed him," replied Henry.

"What do you supposed they've left US?" continued Guinness, wishing a truck that big FILLED with ice cream would feed her.

Henry opened the big packages very carefully.

"It's OUR TRAFFIC LIGHTS!" he yelled.

He pawceeded to open the boxes, dreaming about his name up in lights. 

"Why did you get traffic lights?" 
asked Scruffy,
mesmerized by the blinking lights.

"It's a secret", said Henry.

"You sheepies never tell us any of the good stuff," said Scruff on behalf of the terriers.

"This will do pawfectly," thought Henry.
"Now that we have our traffic lights, we can change the world!" he said.